Valentino Zocca

Experienced manager in Data Science and Engineering with over 20 years experience in high-tech projects and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Maryland. Working with global businesses and agencies like Boeing, the US Census Bureau and Citi, I have been leading numerous projects integrating different technologies. My expertise in data science covers financial services, image recognition and satellite imagery classification, and spans from classical machine learning to neural networks and deep learning. I have executive leadership skills in building high-performing teams and nurturing new ideas, technologies and business models into viable entities. At Boeing I doubled the number of product releases per year and reduced testing costs by 60% while managing the satellite imagery visualisation and analysis programs, and automated processes reducing execution times from weeks to hours. I also ideated new product lines to draw new business. As an independent consultant worldwide, I have shown the ability to work independently and achieve results with heterogeneous teams. At Citi I have created financial models integrated in the Citi mobile app using Decision Trees, Neural Networks and NLP, drawing internal roadmaps to provide valuable business insights. I am currently working on creating a new approach to better customer service in Citi to improve customer experience and customers loyalty and engagement. I am also a co-author of a book on deep neural networks titled “Python Deep Learning” published in 2017.

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